Supriya & Amol

I found my life partner across the globe. Even though Supriya & I are both from Pune, we met through Shubhavishva. Supriya was working in Bangalore and I was in the USA. Shubhavishva made this distance no issue and helped me found the one I was looking for. Thank you, Shubhavishva for your best services.

Aparna & Ajay

Marrying someone who you don't know well enough always seemed strange to me. I met Ajay through this website when I was still unsure of marriage. But when I saw him being so smooth like we have known each other for ages, everything changed. I closed my eyes and put my faith and Shubhavishva carried out everything flawlessly. I could not have found Ajay it is wasn't for your great team.

Suchitra & Amit

Marriage used to seem a big turn and certainly a step from afar. But finding the right one seemed even more concerning. The perfect one to spend the lifetime of happiness. Shubhavishva has made such concerns look like a fairytale for us. Suchitra and I met through Shubhavishva while we were both in search of the perfect one. We were scared but once with Shubhavishva, everything was taken care of and we just fell in love. Thank you for the best thing in our lives, Shubhavishva!

Karan and Tosha

I and Karan come a long way. We had seen each other as kids but had no idea that we will now be each other's better halves. We fight, we make-up but we never give up. If not for Shubhavishva, I and Karan wouldn't have had the chance to meet and decide to have each other for eternity. We are truly blessed and grateful to Shubhavishva for putting two imperfectly perfect souls in their imperfectly perfect marriage.

Madhav & Swapnali

We did all those typical things a would-be groom and his family is supposed to do. But my dream girl looked like miles away and not within any reach. My friend suggested Shubhavishva and the distance shortened down. I was finally able to meet my dream girl in Swapnali and I cannot thank Shubhavishva enough for it. I know it sounds cliché but you know you are the luckiest one when you find the better half of your heart.

Swati & Vishal

They say marriages are made in heaven. My opinion is quite different. I would say they are made on Shubhavishva. The quality of service they have clears all your doubts and the Team is so cooperative. They have helped us a lot in all this process where I could meet Swati. I wish you all the love and luck and hope you make more couples happy.

Swati & Rahul

We met on Shubhavishva and our story began. From profile matching to wavelength matching, all carried out so smoothly we didn’t even realize it was happening. It just happened, blissfully. Marriage is a big decision and I’m so glad to say this that the decision of marrying Rahul is the best decision I have ever made in my life!

Ashwin & Devashree

Being a businessman is not an easy job. And finding a partner too. A business doesn’t guarantee the continuous and particular income. Devashree had a different approach though. Even though she is a teacher, I have always seen her so down to earth. She understands me and supports me. Her modesty has taught me a lot and all thanks to Shubhavishva, I’m lucky to have her as my better half.

Ojal & Shreeram

Has it ever happened with you that out of the blue he appears in your life and your life turns ups and down? My parents found his profile on Shubhavishva suitable and after some formalities, we met. And when we met, his charming personality won my parents’ hearts. And me? In every meeting, I met a new him. Did I mention his caring personality made me fall for him head over heels? Well, that’s how Shreeram is! And I will never stop thanking you for that, Shubhavishva!

Wagvilasinee & Omkar

A combination of art and technology seems odd. We thought so too. But that was before we actually met Omkar. Bharatnatyam is not just a hobby for me; it’s my profession as well. I wanted a partner who will understand my passion for it and we thought a technical person can never understand this. Omkar made us believe that a technical person can not only understand the art but also can be a perfect life partner for an artist. I am really thankful to Shubhavishva Team who helped us make this beautiful thing happen.


Shubhavishva... Connecting the destinies...

When you get a perfect life partner every day is a new love song you compose together. Shubhavishva is a holy platform where you meet your lifetime match. They say your destinies are determined in heaven. We make them come together on earth. Marriage is a sacred lifelong partnership, comes with commitment and responsibility. Sounds heavy but not when you have a perfect companion. A partner balances your life, shares your responsibilities, supports you in your downfalls, multiplies your happiness, cares for you and becomes your lovely soulmate. We offer you a perfect online platform, to find your mate.


शुभविश्व… दोन भाग्यरेषा जोडतो आम्ही…

जर आपल्याला एक परिपूर्ण जीवनसाथी मिळाला तर रोजचा दिवस आपल्यासाठी एक नवे प्रेमगीत ठरतो. या प्रेमगीताची प्रत्येक ओळ आपण आपल्या जीवनसाथी सोबत लिहिलेली असते. आयुष्यभराचा योग्य जोडीदार निवडण्यासाठी शुभविश्व हे एक उत्तम नव्हे तर सर्वोत्तम प्लॅटफॉर्म आहे. लग्नाची रेशीमगाठ ही स्वर्गातच बांधली जाते असे म्हणतात आणि या साथीदारांना प्रत्यक्षपणे एकत्र आणण्याचे काम शुभविश्व करते. विवाह ही एक आजन्म भागीदारी असते आणि जिच्यासोबत वचनबद्धता व जबाबदारी देखील येते. एक परिपूर्ण सोबती असताना सर्व गोष्टी सहज व सोप्या वाटतात. आयुष्याचा जोडीदार हा आपले आयुष्य संतुलित करणारा, सर्व जबाबदार्‍या वाटून घेणारा, जीवनाच्या प्रत्येक चढ उतारावर आपली साथ देणारा, आपली काळजी घेणारा आजन्म सोबती असतो. असा योग्य व अनुरूप जोडीदार शोधण्यासाठी परिपूर्ण ऑनलाईन प्लॅटफॉर्म म्हणजे शुभविश्व...

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